Graduate Diploma in Professional Life-coaching – SUSS

Our Graduate Diploma in Professional Life-coaching (GD PLC) is positioned to provide life-coaching education for degree holders who wish to prepare for a career in professional life-coaching, and for others who can benefit from life-coaching education in their current careers. Professional life-coaching is empowering for persons in careers like counselling, social work, teaching, human resource management, business, psychology, and those in leadership positions.

Graduate Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy – SUSS

The SUSS Graduate Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy (GD XAT) programme offers not only a part-time and more flexible option, but also includes different art forms like play, art, mind and body work, narrative and storytelling. Through these in-depth opportunities, professionals could employ expressive arts therapy to combine psychology and the creative process to promote emotional growth and healing.

Graduate Diploma and Master of Gerontology – SUSS

The rapidly ageing population in Singapore, and concomitant need for trained professionals in the health, social and psychological services have given rise to an imperative need for Graduate Certificate in Gerontology, Graduate Diploma in Gerontology, Master of Gerontology and PhD in Gerontology programmes. As the needs of elder people are specialised, dedicated attention within the training to address specific characteristics such as the ageing process, demands interdisciplinary courses in Gerontology.

Graduate Diploma in Outdoor Education – SUSS

s. In response to the needs of the industry, the Graduate Diploma in Outdoor Education (GDOED) has been developed in collaboration with Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) and other experts from the field. The GDOED programme aims to equip outdoor educators with the essential knowledge and skills ready to meet these challenges.

Graduate Diploma in Non-Profit Management – SUSS

The Graduate Diploma in Non-Profit Management (GDNPM) is a practice-oriented programme. It interweaves conceptual frameworks and practice skills with a focus on strategic application. The programme is designed for senior managers and experienced professionals within the non-profit sector as well as professionals who are interested to find out more about the non-profit sector.

Graduate Diploma and Master of Social Work – SUSS

The Graduate Diploma and Master of Social Work Programme is a practice-based programme, designed to prepare social workers aspiring to take up leadership positions in the social service sector. The programme aims to equip graduates with clinical social work skills, administration skills and supervision skills to function at management positions in the sector.

Graduate Diploma and Master of Adult Learning – SUSS

This programme affords opportunities for students to be equipped with the knowledge and skills for adult learning. Over and above the fundamentals of pedagogy and assessment practices, the programme will show how learning can be designed to accommodate different learner characteristics, preferences and goals, whilst leveraging on learning technologies.

Graduate Diploma in Financial Technology and Master of Finance – SUSS

The Master of Finance (MFIN) programme, the Graduate Diploma in Financial Technology (GDFT) programme, and the Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology (GCFT) programme offered by the School of Business at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) aim to help finance professionals and those in the PMET segment to gain knowledge of financial innovations and technologies, and to support upskilling to meet work challenge posed by advancements in technology and the disruptive changes in applications, processes, products, as well as business models that are transforming financial services industry.

Graduate Diploma in Management – SUSS

The Graduate Diploma In Management (GDMGT) is designed to impart in students the skills and knowledge required to perform in a managerial role. This programme will contribute to the preparation of the Singapore workforce for a new economy that is globally competitive, socially complex, and increasingly volatile.

Modular Certification Courses – Sonography – SIT

Arising from this, there is increased demand for postgraduate education and training with clinical focus in postgraduate sonography. These modular certification courses are available as independent modules, each carrying 6 credits which can be stacked towards qualifications in Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in sonography.