Founded in 1929, FASS is one of the largest faculties in the National University of Singapore, encompassing 16 Departments with a wide range of academic offerings in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Asian Studies and Language Studies.  Together with our special programmes (such as Double Degree opportunities, special degrees with overseas partners, concurrent degrees, our FASStrack Asia Summer School, and a wide range of overseas Student Exchange Programme opportunities), FASS offers one of the most comprehensive and enriching educational experiences globally.  FASS has a long tradition of teaching excellence, with many teaching award winners bringing their enthusiasm and experience directly to students in our classrooms. 

While our Faculty comprises a wide variety of disciplines and area studies, all share the common goals of asking challenging questions, communicating with clarity, and learning from the perspectives of others. We truly believe that such inquiry is fundamental to our understanding of and the betterment of humanity. Our aim is to equip our students with the skills of critical thinking, writing, research, and problem-solving that are valuable to any organisation and industry, to meet the challenges of the fast-changing world we live in today.

As a large and comprehensive faculty, FASS is advancing research in a number of key areas, particularly in the study of Asia.  Amongst our many areas of research excellence, we have strengths in research on population and demography, families, ageing, health, and cities.  Having such a breadth and depth of research strengths mean that FASS can offer excellent guidance for our graduate students in the wide range of topics that interest them, again with particular richness in Asia research.  At the graduate level, too, we are distinguished by special programmes such as the Comparative Asian Studies Ph.D programme, and the Joint Ph.D with King’s College London.  Undergraduates also benefit in terms of our Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme, which allows them to work directly with top researchers on their current research projects.

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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
The Shaw Foundation Building
Block AS7, Level 55 Arts Link
Singapore 117570

Tel: +65 6516 6133