Welcome to DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore! We’re an academic community of builders and believers with a shared passion for technology, art, and games. For more than 10 years, we’ve been preparing students like you for a wide range of careers within the Singapore digital economy — doing the kind of work that challenges the mind and excites the imagination.

Our educational philosophy is simple but effective. Build your knowledge first, and then apply it to real-world projects and assignments where you decide what to create. By the time you graduate, you’ll have a combination of industry-ready experience and a portfolio of work that will make you stand out among your peers.

Where will you go from there? DigiPen alumni have proven to be sought-after employees in the digital economy, and have joined the ranks of over 600 companies in Singapore and around the world as skilled professionals.

“When DigiPen (Singapore) first started, we were known for educating manpower for the digital media industry, in particular video games. Now, we have extended our niche to equip students with skills for the broader digital economy,” Mr. Tan Chek Ming, Managing Director of DigiPen (Singapore), says. “As a specialised university in the fields of computer science, embedded systems engineering, UX/UI design, and digital art and animation, our graduates today are thriving and contributing in pathways that span the software development, finance, e-commerce, transport industries, and more. We look forward to seeing our students and graduates push the boundaries of what technology can achieve.”

Postgraduate Program
  • Master of Science in Computer Vision

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