Outdoor education is becoming increasingly relevant and important to the development of individuals. In addition, with the implementation of the National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan by the Ministry of Education, greater demand for quality outdoor education programmes and expertise is expected. As clients and stakeholders of outdoor education programmes become more discerning and sophisticated, outdoor education practitioners face the challenge of meeting these rising expectations to deliver well-designed, safe and effective programmes. In response to the needs of the industry, the Graduate Diploma in Outdoor Education (GDOED) has been developed in collaboration with Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) and other experts from the field. The GDOED programme aims to equip outdoor educators with the essential knowledge and skills ready to meet these challenges.

This programme provides opportunities for professionals in outdoor education and those with the relevant qualifications to acquire the latest advanced knowledge and skills to be effective leaders in their field. Through the various courses, students are equipped to build sound theoretical bases for their practices, acquire different approaches to designing and implementing outdoor education programmes, manage risks and legal liability, and enhance their proficiencies for planning and leading outdoor education and wilderness expeditions. Understanding research methods and design strengthens students’ ability to read research studies and provides the impetus for conducting their own research.

Programme Structure

The Graduate Diploma in Outdoor Education (GDOED) provides students with different pathways for admission to the programme, and allows for an alternative exit point through the Graduate Certificate in Outdoor Education. Students who do not have a sport, physical education or outdoor education or related degree are required to complete the four pre-requisite courses to prepare them for the GDOED programme.

To graduate with the Graduate Certificate in Outdoor Education, students must successfully complete the three core courses in Stage 1 with a minimum CGPA of 2.5.

To graduate with the Graduate Diploma in Outdoor Education, students must successfully complete six core courses with a minimum CGPA of 2.5.

Core Modules

  • BSE501 Principles and Practices in Outdoor Education
  • BSE503 Education and Ethics in Outdoor Learning
  • BSE505 Place-Responsive Pedagogy in Outdoor Education
  • BSE521 Risk Management and Legal Aspects in Outdoor Education
  • BSE523 Expedition Management and Leadership
  • RSS501 Advanced Social Research Methods and Design
Admission Requirements
  • A degree in the area of sport, physical education or outdoor education or related; or
  • An OBS Instructor Certificate and recommendation letter from OBS or other approved recognition of prior learning; and
  • Compulsory submission of their health memo and, if necessary, supplementary forms

Applicants who do not have any of the above-mentioned requirements are to complete the Pre-Requisite in Outdoor Education (PROED) programme (minimum CGPA of 2.0) to prepare them for the GDOED.

This programme is currently unable to take in international students, i.e., you must be a Singapore citizen, permanent resident or a resident in Singapore (e.g., Employment Pass holder) in order to apply for admission.

Dates & Fees

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