Designated as high-risk or safety-sensitive, there is a large multitude of occupations which require employees to perform precarious functions regularly, putting their health and wellbeing in peril. To improve workplace health and minimise safety hazards, the Master of Science in Occupational Safety, Health and Wellbeing programme focuses on the integration of hazard identification, risk assessment, priority planning and risk control strategies into the safety management process.

In conjunction with the radical knowledge of risk management strategies, students will be able to pick up the cardinal skills to differentiate between proactive and reactive approaches to safety, health and wellbeing management. Thenceforth, they will be able to evaluate the effectiveness in developing, maintaining and sustaining a positive working environment.

Upon successful completion, qualified students will be awarded the Master of Science in Occupational Safety, Health and Wellbeing by Cardiff Metropolitan University. As workplace safety remains the predominant priority of most organisations, this qualification provides graduates with a competitive edge in careers ranging from occupational safety and health specialist to environmental health and safety administrator.

Porgramme Structure

Master of Science in Occupational Safety, Health and Wellbeing consists of 7 modules.


  • Outline for Worker Safety, Health and Wellbeing
  • Outline for Risk Perception, Assessment and Communication
  • Outline for Measuring Safety, Health and Wellbeing
  • Outline for Developing Interventions & Influencing Behaviour
  • Outline for Worker Engagement and Wellbeing
  • Outline for Applied Research Methods and Design
  • Outline for Research Project

Scope of Study
The programme is designed to enhance the student’s current understanding and application of occupational health and safety management by enabling him or her to develop a more holistic approach to influencing worker and organisational performance through the contemporary concepts of worker engagement and wellbeing

Delivery Mode
Lectures, tutorials, case studies and discussions

Admission Requirements

Academic Level: 
A Bachelor’s Degree in health, science or other management-related disciplines with a minimum 2 years of work experience in occupational safety and health sectors or a Graduate Diploma in occupational safety and health or other Level 6 equivalent qualifications in related subjects.For mature students under exceptional routes, they must be at least 30 years of age and possess a minimum of 8 years of work experience in relevant fields

English Proficiency: 
IELTS score of at least 6.5 or pass the DIMENSIONS’ Certificate in Academic English Level 6 or pass the English Proficiency Test at equivalent level conducted by DIMENSIONS or its equivalent. English proficiency may be considered to have been met and an IELTS score may not be required if applicant possesses a highest qualification where English was the sole medium of instruction.

Dates & Fees

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