Interested to discover new medical breakthroughs for the cellular and molecular basis of human diseases? In our modern times, Biomedical Science plays an important role in improving the health and wellbeing of people worldwide and thence, the Master of Science in Biomedical Science (Cellular and Molecular Pathology) programme is exquisitely designed to help students develop a heightened degree of specialist knowledge and analytical skills that put them in high demand.

To fathom how the human body’s components work individually and collectively, this specialised programme aims to gear students up with the expertise to demonstrate an in-depth and systematic understanding as well as knowledge of Biomedical Science informed by current scholarship and research. On the other hand, students will be intensively exposed to the development, principles and applications of a range of techniques in cellular and molecular pathology.

Upon successful completion, qualified students will be awarded the Master of Science in Biomedical Science (Cellular and Molecular Pathology) by Cardiff Metropolitan University. Graduates can choose to pursue a doctorate or embark on their enriching career as a research scientist, molecular geneticist or cell biologist.

Programme Structure

Master of Science in Biomedical Science (Cellular and Molecular Pathology) consists of 7 modules.

  • Research Strategies and Innovation in Biomedical Sciences
  • Molecular Biology
  • Cellular and Molecular Pathology
  • Immunology
  • Analytical and Diagnostic Techniques
  • Advanced Topics in Cellular and Molecular Pathology
  • Research Project

Delivery Mode
Lectures, tutorials, case studies and practical work/demonstration

Admission Requirements

Academic Level:
An appropriate first or second class Biomedical Science or other related science degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University; or
An appropriate first or second class Biomedical Science, or other related science degree awarded by another degree awarding body; or

A non-graduate qualification which is deemed to be of a satisfactory standard for the purpose of Postgraduate admission.

Exceptional Entry – Route 1 :
Candidates for consideration under Exceptional Entry – Route 1 are non-graduates whose relative lack of formal qualifications (i.e. formal qualifications which marginally fall short of the normal minimum entry requirements) is compensated for by his/her age and relevant work experience provided that such candidates have held, for a minimum of two years, a responsible position in biomedical science or other related areas which is relevant to the scheme of study to be pursued.A student who elects to follow a specialist route of study, for example, Biomedical Science, would normally be expected to possess an initial degree which include elements of the specialist option to be studied, or a minimum period of two years’ experience in a responsible position in Biomedical science or other related areas which is relevant to the specialist option to be studied.

Exceptional Entry – Route 2 :
Any candidate for entry onto a Modular Master’s Degree who does not meet the requirements of either Normal Minimum Entry or Exceptional Entry – Route 1 must be considered via Exceptional Entry – Route 2.Exceptional Entry – Route 2 requires the relevant candidate details to be considered by the Regulations and Special Cases Committee. Nominations in regard to such candidates must be processed via the Academic Registrar and in sufficient time to be submitted to a convenient meeting of the Committee.Exceptional Entry – Route 2 candidates are those with a graduate or non-graduate qualification, which has not been recognized under normal minimum entry requirements or those candidates whose academic qualifications fall more than marginally short of the normal minimum entry requirements.

English Proficiency:
IELTS score of at least 6.0 or pass the DIMENSIONS’ Certificate in Academic English Level 5 or pass the English Proficiency Test at equivalent level conducted by DIMENSIONS or obtain a minimum grade of C for English Language at the GCE O-Level. English proficiency may be considered to have been met and an IELTS score may not be required if applicant possesses a highest qualification where English was the sole medium of instruction.

Dates & Fees

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