Master of Social Sciences (China and Global Governance) – MCGG programme, previously known as Master of Arts in Contemporary China (MACC), was renamed in January 2019 to better reflect its evolving nature. This one-year programme is designed for mid-career professionals seeking an in-depth and holistic understanding of China today. It delivers an insightful study of the evolving social, economic and political development in China, and its impact on the region and the world. 

Programme Structure

It is mandatory to complete the three core courses. Student are required to select five to seven electives depending on the chosen track courses, from the three main clusters: Economy and Business, Politics and International Relations, and Society and Culture.

To benefit further from NTU’s outstanding faculty and resources, students will also have the option to select up to two relevant courses from NTU’s other graduate programmes as electives to fulfil their course requirement. These courses, however, must be approved by both the Director of NCPA and the NTU School or division concerned.

Core Courses

  • CC6001 The Making of Modern China: Historical and Social Perspectives
  • CC6003 Leaders, Party and State: Contemporary Chinese Politics

Economy & Business

  • CC6002 China’s Economy in Transformation​
  • CC6100 Transition Economies: The Chinese Case
  • CC6101 China’s Role in Global Economy
  • CC6102 Economic Policy in China
  • CC6103 Macroeconomic and Trade Policies in China: Strategies & Issues
  • CC6104 Law and Legal Development in China
  • CC6105 The Dynamics of Investment in Greater China
  • CC6106 Changing Government-Business Relations in China
  • CC6107 Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Applied Learning Approach
  • CC6190 Special Topics in Economy and Business: Political Economy of Greater China
  • CC6191 Special Topics in Economy & Business: Decision under uncertainty, Insurance Theory, and China’s Insurance Markets
  • CC8102 International Economics Institutions & Governance
  • CC8103 Global Standards in Labour Markets

Politics & International Relations

  • CC6200 China and Southeast Asia
  • CC6201 Policy Formulation and Implementation in China
  • CC6202 Political Ideology and Discourse in Modern China
  • CC6203 International Law and China
  • CC6204 Chinese Foreign Policy
  • CC6205 International Relations and Security Issues in Asia
  • CC6290 Special Topics in Politics & International Relations: The Politics of the Rise of China
  • CC6291 Special Topics in Politics and International Relations: Political Theories of China’s Economics Reforms
  • CC6292 Special Topics in Politics and International Relations: History and Development of Civil Society in China / Evolution of Political Culture

Society & Culture

  • CC6300 Social Change and Inequality in Contemporary China
  • CC6301 Modern Chinese Intellectual Life
  • CC6302 Media in China: Political and Economic Implication
  • CC6303 China and Globalisation
  • CC6304 Reading Contemporary China through Literature
  • CC6305 Religion in Contemporary China
  • CC6306 China and the Chinese Overseas
  • CC6307 The Changing Chinese Institutions
  • CC6390 Special Topics in Society and Culture: Transnational Chinese Cinemas
  • CC6392 Special Topics in Society and Culture: Critical Perspectives on Chinese Cinemas
  • CC6393 Special Topics in Society and Culture: China in Regional and Global Perspectives
Admission Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in good standing from an accredited university or college is required of all applicants. No minimum Chinese language proficiency is required. Each applicant’s previous academic performance, work experience, and Statement of Purpose will be carefully reviewed by the University and the School.

A good TOEFL or IELTS score is required if English was not the medium of instruction at tertiary level.

Dates & Fees

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