This course will provide you with the concept and application of a transformative mind-set shift and the ability to lead and rally your organisations to become more digital and agile to the needs of your operation and customers. You will be equipped with a sound understanding of agile and digital strategies and techniques to unleash new digital initiatives for developing innovative business strategies. Case studies on application of Digital Strategies would include the use of new technologies, capitalizing on digital trends best practices.

At the end of the course, you will be able to learn:

  • Achieve enterprise digital agility
  • Setup a digital capability within your organisations
  • Strategize and lead digitization initiatives
  • Setting up measures to drive digital success
  • Planning development infrastructure to support agile development
  • Glean latest technology and digital trends
Programme Structure

Day 1

  • Digital trends and challenges
  • New business models 
  • Technologies shaping our world
  • Opportunities from new technologies 
  • Agile and lean primer
  • Agility from teams to enterprise for end-to-end delivery,
  • Enabling architectures and technologies for continuous integration to deployment

Day 2

  • Visualizing the digital context and landscape 
  • Empathizing with the customer
  • Identifying digitisation opportunities, and charting the digital roadmap 
  • Positioning digital products/applications and managing the digital portfolio 
  • Scoping the Minimal Viable Product  (MVP) features and stories 
  • Managing the digital portfolio
  • Planning the digital delivery
  • Organizing digital teams with crossfunctional  teams, and supporting structures
  • Iterating product development to acceptance and delivery 
  • Generating growth through data and analytics (what are the key measures you should be considering)

Day 3

  • Bridging the gap between business and IT (architecture) 
  • Automating the product/application delivery 
  • Moving from legacy to more agile microservices architectures and platforms 
  • Security and other constraints consideration 
  • Strategising and leading the digitalisation effort in your organisation 
  • Overcoming challenges in your organisation 
  • Organising for digital agile delivery
  • Transforming the digital development and business processes 
  • Getting started in your organisation

Case studies and experiential learning activities are introduced to reinforce the learning.

Admission Requirements

Participants should have:

  1. Participated in IT related projects; or
  2. Participated in or going to participate in Digital Transformation projects; or
  3. In the course of their work, act as stakeholders to IT department projects within their organization.
Dates & Fees

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