This is a one-year to two-year Master programme in Security-by-Design. This programme is designed for engineers with an undergraduate degree in any one of several fields of engineering. It encompasses the latest research findings, both applied and fundamental. The programme also provides advanced and in-depth knowledge of technologies to prepare the students for challenges in their careers. The programme adds to quality manpower in the area of cybersecurity that is much needed to design and manage a Smart Nation.

Programme Structure

The duration for the full-time MSSD programme is three-terms. Each term is 14-weeks in duration with a 1-week break following week six. The course and project work in each term is given in the table below. Students are required to undertake a project or a thesis in Term three. This project is sponsored either by the faculty or by the employer in the case of company-sponsored students. In either cases, the project has to be approved by the faculty committee that oversees the MSSD programme. A limited number of students may have the opportunity to go abroad and work on a project or a thesis with a faculty member in a collaborating university at their own expense.


  • Foundations of Cybersecurity
  • Computer Networks
  • Security Tools Laboratory
  • Project or Thesis
  • Machine Learning
  • Systems Security
  • Secure Software Engineering
  • Security Tools Laboratory
  • Project or Thesis
  • Secure Cyber Physical Systems
  • Cybercrime

Project or Thesis

Admission Requirements

The MSSD programme is open to graduates with a degree in engineering, physics, chemistry or mathematics. A sound mathematical background and computer programming skills are required of entering students. The programme is open to all students including foreigners.

An applicant should possess:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or any branch of engineering; or
  2. A bachelor’s degree in a related discipline with two years ICT industry experience.

The graduate committee shall decide on the application based on the student’s background. And the approval will be on a case by case basis.

Dates & Fees

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Contact Details

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