This one-year programme examines best practices in public administration in Asia in order to enhance the participants’ skills in decision making, governance, and policy design and implementation. It includes special lectures by former government officials and renowned academics and professionals. Participants will be equipped with the know-how to develop and implement strategic policies to meet the challenges in their countries, in turn enhancing their effectiveness as public administrators. 

Programme Structure

All students are required to complete the following two core courses.

To benefit further from NTU’s outstanding faculty and resources, students will also have the option to select up to two relevant courses from NTU’s other graduate programmes as electives to fulfill their course requirement. These courses, however, must be approved by both the Director of NCPA and the NTU School or division concerned.

Core Modules

  • ​PM6000 Applied Public Sector Economics​
  • PM6003 Public Policy: Theory and Practice


  • PM6999 Capstone Paper

Elective Full Modules

  • PM6001 Public Administration and Society
  • PM6002 Public Strategic Management​
  • PM6004 Leadership in Public Sector
  • PM6100 Macroeconomic Environment and Policy
  • PM6101 Public Economics and Public Policy
  • PM6102 Seminar in Public Policy and Management
  • PM6103 Politics and Public Policy
  • PM6105 Research and Statistical Methods in Policy Analysis
  • PM6107 Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • PM6108 Public Administration Reform in China
  • PM6109 Globalization and Public Administration
  • PM6111 Special Topics in Public Administration
  • PM6115 International Economics
  • PM6116 Economic and Public Policy in Singapore and China
  • PM6119 Globalization and World Economic Order
  • PM6120 Urban & Regional Economics
  • PM6121 Industrial Organization and Industrial Policy
  • PM6122 World Economic Development and World Financial System
  • PM6123 The Political Economy of Sustainable Development in China
  • PM6127 Principles of Biostatistics
  • PM6131 Globalization and International Talent Strategies
  • PM6132 Singapore Public Administration
  • PM6133 Happiness and Public Policy
  • PM6134 Financial Development & Financial Supervision​
  • PM6135 Global Environmental Politics and Governance
  • PM6136 Cost-Benefit Analysis: Concepts and Practice
  • PM6137 Behavioural Economics for Public Policy
  • PM6138 Security Governance

Elective Half Modules

  • PM8102 Special Topics in Public Administration
  • PM8103 Policy Implementation and Assessment
  • PM8105 Non-profit Organisation Development & Management
  • PM8106 Public Organisations and Management​
  • PM8107 Comparative Public Administration​
  • PM8109 Government Reform & Governance
  • PM8110 China in the Global Economy
  • PM8112 Building a Harmonious Society : Singapore’s Approach to Community  ​Development
  • ​PM8115 City Marketing & Brand Image Planning
  • PM8116 Environmental Policies & Singapore’s Management Experiences 
  • PM8117 Relationship between Government and Media​
  • PM8125 Special Topic – E-Government & Information Policy
  • ​PM8130 Asian Regionalism and Governance
  • PM8131 Introduction to Public Policy
  • PM8132 Happiness and Public Policy
  • PM8133 Managing Human Behavior in the Public Sector
  • PM8134 Globalization and International Talent Strategies
  • PM8135 Non-profit and Government
  • PM8136 Public Budgeting Systems
  • PM8137 Global Financial Centres
  • PM8138 Public Administration: Applied Learning Approach
  • PM8139 Statistical Methods for Policy Analyses
  • PM8140 Project Management: A Cross Country Perspective
  • PM8141 Innovations & Business Models​
Admission Requirements
  • a strong Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent
  • minimum of two years’ or more of full-time work experience 
  • proficiency in English

Each applicant’s previous academic performance, work experience, and Statement of Purpose will be carefully reviewed by the University and the School.

TOEFL/IELTS is required for applicants if English was not the medium of instruction at tertiary level. The scores must be attained within 2 years prior to date of application.

Dates & Fees

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Contact Details

Nanyang Centre for Public Administration
50 Nanyang Avenue, S3.2-B4
Singapore 639798

Tel: +65 6513 7960