We are in an era of disruption where technology has levelled the playing field in some areas and created unfair advantages in others. This places an increasing demand on business leaders to lead with the relevant know-how.

Drawing from thought leadership in the ambits of data analytics, technological platforms and business strategies, the Master of IT in Business (MITB) programme delves into four specialisation tracks to choose from — Financial Technology & Analytics, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation. Each of these tracks uniquely resources you to lead competently and decisively.

Programme Structure
Analytics Track

In a data-driven economy, the ability to make better decisions, create value and develop a sustained competitive advantage using data analytics techniques, is imperative. The SMU MITB Analytics (AT) track is Asia’s first professional masters programme to meet the ever increasing demand for well-trained data analytics professionals. Co-designed by leading global and regional sector firms from hospitality, tourism, supply chain, retail, healthcare, public sector, banking and telecommunications, it promises a systematic understanding and application of the end-to-end data analytics processes to answer key business questions. With businesses keen to leverage the power of data analytics, it is no longer a choice, but a necessity for business survival and growth.

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Artificial Intelligence Track

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the face of business and radically transforming the way we live, work and communicate today. In recent years, businesses and governments have been increasingly harnessing AI capabilities to address major challenges affecting the society and industry.

First of its kind in Singapore and Southeast Asia, the AI track is a direct response to these growing trends, to groom the next generation of AI talents with the ability to build AI tools, and implement adaptive closed loop solutions for a myriad of business problems.

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Digital Transformation Track

The new MITB Digital Transformation (DT) track equips graduates with the blend of information and communications technology (ICT) knowledge and skills to strategise and execute digital transformation for a complex organisation in a rapidly changing environment.

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Financial Technology & Analytics Track

The economy is undergoing massive digitalisation. Fintech and digital finance are pushing the envelope for financial-related institutions on many fronts – for example, digital banking, customer insights, risk assessment, capacity optimisation, market intelligence and operational efficiencies. Financial institutions that leverage on new technologies such as blockchain, analytics and A.I. often gain a competitive edge.

Fintech can be leveraged across all business lines offering financial services such as banks, insurance, Big Tech (e.g. Facebook and Tencent). Use cases include blockchain for trade finance, A.I. for RPA, as well as robo-advisors and analytics for cross-selling potential and fraud detection. However, digitalising businesses requires knowledge of financial business, technology, analytics and management domains. The industry-acclaimed MITB Financial Technology & Analytics (FTA) programme prepares and develops graduates and professionals with the financial technology and analytics skills that are highly demanded by the world of finance

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Admission Requirements

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Dates & Fees

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