Ranked #3 worldwide and #1 in Europe by QS, the Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics combines faculty resources of two of the most prestigious Business and Engineering Schools in Europe, ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec.

Fully hybrid between Data Sciences, Business Analytics & Digital Strategy. Students must master theory, methodology, uses and applications. 50% of students have a background in Engineering, Mathematics or Computer Science and 50% have studied Economics or Management before. Also, 50% have some professional experience. Students can take up to 18 advanced elective courses without limitations.

Official Master Degree, recognized and accredited by French Government. This gives privileged access to working visas in Europe and enables interested students to pursue doctoral studies.

Our promise to future students is that you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of scientific models and methods.
  • Boost your imagination, creativity and critical thinking.
  • Lead changes in business practices, technologies and tools
  • Succeed in managing complex projects.
Programme Structure

To match students’ needs and goals and to ensure scientific expertise and data savviness, the program is a hybrid between Data Sciences, Business Analytics & Digital Strategy. Electives are tailored to students’ specific career goals while being highly specialized in content and address recent trends and challenges. Students get access to modules (Financial analytics, Entrepreneurship…) as well as Masterclasses in advanced topics, training by partner companies and a field trip. Upon completion of the coursework, students are required to do an internship or professional experience, where they mobilize the skills acquired over the year.

The first period in France. Regardless of your major choice later on, you would always start the program in France. During the first period that runs from September to December, you will take refreshers and core courses as Big Data Algorithms, Techniques and Platforms, Predictive Analytics, Foundations of Optimization and Machine Learning.

Choose your Major(s). During period 2 you will choose among our three Majors to specialize in; there is no upper limit to the number of elective courses and double majors are possible. Depending on your choice, you will continue your program on one or more of our three campuses, and will have the opportunity to take courses or minors from the other directions, giving you a well-rounded and balanced set of skills. Period 2 comprises an International Field Trip where students explore a specific industrial hub and connect with companies.

Corporate Research Project also spans October-March. Students work in teams to solve key strategic questions posed by partner companies using their proprietary data. Enabling students to gain valuable insights and become directly operational, this Project boosts their career prospects

Admission Requirements
  • Have you obtained or are currently pursuing a Master/4-year bachelor/3-year bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, mathematics, statistics, business or economics from a top university/school?
  • Are you open-minded, problem solver and exhibit leadership potential?
  • Are you looking to immerse in subjects such as big data, AI, machine learning, coding languages?
  • Are you looking to combine technical and managerial skills to become an expert and a leader?

For holders of a Master degree, a 4-year Bachelor degree or a 3-year Bachelor degree with one year minimum of relevant professional experience, the duration of the program is 1 year.
If the commission board finds that your experience or background is strong but not complete enough in some required aspects, we may ask you to join the two-year program instead in order to build up your strength and ensure your success.

For holders of a 3-year Bachelor degree, or a Licence 3 en Economie/ Gestion/ Informatique/ Mathématiques/ Sciences, and no relevant professional experience, the duration of the program is 2 years.

You will need to provide:
1 Aptitude test score – mandatory
1 English test score – exempted if native-speaker or have spent last 3 years in a 100% English speaking university

Dates & Fees

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