The EDB-IPP is an initiative by the Singapore Economic Development Board to develop graduate research talent by partnering with locally-based companies and universities.

The EDB-IPP is open to fresh graduates and current employees of Partnering Companies. EDB-IPP trainees will be full-time salaried employees at the Partnering Company while pursuing full-time graduate studies at SUTD.

At SUTD, IPP trainees will be provided with training in a corporate Research & Development (R&D) environment to develop the skills, expertise and knowledge necessary for industry-ready roles.

Programme Structure

Partnering Companies will collaborate with SUTD faculty on possible IPP research projects.

The IPP research project must be academically rigourous enough to be submitted as a graduate-level thesis.

The Partnering Company and SUTD will jointly determine the IPP research project’s Intellectual Property (IP). The IP may be owned by the company or co-owned with SUTD (each research project will have its own IP contractual agreement.).

For IPP Partnering Companies

  • Supervise and host IPP Trainees at company research facilities
  • Provide at least one (1) senior company representative (preferably with Doctoral qualifications) to supervise IPP Trainee
  • Fund all IPP Trainee- and project-related costs (e.g. insurance, equipment, travel, overseas conference participation)

For IPP Trainees

  • IPP Trainees are expected to spend at least half of their time in SUTD to work on the IPP funded project which is in collaboration with SUTD
  • IPP Trainees must be supervised by a team comprised of at least one (1) company supervisor and one (1) SUTD faculty advisor
Admission Requirements

For IPP Partnering Companies

  • Must be based in Singapore
  • Have an established corporate R&D presence in Singapore (i.e. Doctorate-level researchers, good track record of research activities, etc.)
  • Committed to supporting IPP trainees toward attaining MEng or Doctoral qualifications

For IPP Trainees

  • Singapore Citizens / PRs only
  • Eligible to pursue MEng or Doctoral studies
  • Must be an employee of the Partnering Company (may be either new or existing employee)
Dates & Fees

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Contact Details

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