The National Institute of Education Doctor in Education (NIE EdD) programme is based within Singapore’s national education institute with a strong reputation in teacher education and educational research. With the mission of nurturing leaders for change in the education professions, the NIE EdD received its first intake of students in 2012. The programme took its inspiration from the Doctor in Education (Dual Award) programme with the Institute of Education, University College London, which began in 2007. The impetus for the inception of the NIE EdD was motivated by the desire to create a professional doctorate in education for leaders in education that is uniquely NIE. Since its inception, the Office for Graduate Studies and Professional Learning at NIE has continually taken steps to review and renew the programme. Several revisions on the programme have been carried out to ensure that graduates of the EdD receive equally rigorous scholarly preparation as graduates of the PhD.

The current programme structure with a total of nine specialisations is a significant step forward in expanding the impact of the NIE EdD as a doctorate for professionals in education and education-related fields. The programme affords deeper learning in six courses (each of 4 Academic Units) with the total coursework requirement remaining at 24 Academic Units. Working with a Research Supervisor, students continue to complete a dissertation of 60,000 words and conduct rigorous and in-depth research to make significant contribution to the scholarship and advancement of educational practice. The revision of the fee structure in 2018 from semester-based to course-based will afford greater flexibility to students in terms of pace and scope of learning without compromising depth of learning, thus maintaining the high quality of doctoral work by our students.

Programme Structure

The programme comprises 24 Academic Units inclusive of 3 core courses, 2 specialisation courses in one of the nine specialisations of your choice, 1 open elective course, and a dissertation.

Core Courses

  • NEDD901 Literature Review Methods
  • NEDD912 Research Methods I
  • NEDD913 Research Methods II

Specialisation Courses

Curriculum and Teaching

  • EDCT901 Inquiry into Curriculum and Teaching
  • EDCT902 Advanced Studies on Assessment and Learning

Educational Leadership and Change

  • EDLC901 Current and Emerging Theories and Practices in Leadership and Management
  • EDLC902 Ethics for Leaders


  • EDEL901 Sociolinguistic Perspectives on the Classroom
  • EDEL902 Language and Literature Education
  • EDEL903 Bilingualism and Biliteracy: Theory and Practice
  • EDEL904 Critical Literacy: Theory into Practice in the Language Classroom

Humanities and Social Studies

  • EDHS901 Issues and Research in Humanities Education
  • EDHS902 Curriculum Leadership in Social Studies

Learning and Motivation

  • EDLM901 Theory, Research, and Practice in Teaching and Learning
  • EDLM902 Understanding Learner Motivation: Theory, Research and Practice


  • EDME901 Theoretical Perspective and Issues in Mathematics Education Research
  • EDME902 Curriculum Studies in Mathematics


  • EDSC901 Foundations of Science and Science Education
  • EDSC902 Science Curriculum Change and Curriculum Evaluation
  • EDSC903 Science as Practice
  • EDSC904 Assessment of Students’ Alternative Conceptions and Conceptual Change
  • EDSC905 Science Discourse: Language, Literacy and Argumentation
  • EDSC906 Representations and New Media in Science Education
  • EDSC907 Critical Studies in Science Education

Technologies and Technology-Mediated Learning Environments

  • EDTM901 Trends and Issues in the Use of ICT in Education
  • EDTM902 Theoretical Foundations of Technology-Mediated Learning Environments

Visual and Performing Arts
Art Focus: 

  • EDVP901 Research and Issues in Art Education
  • EDVP902 Visual Arts and Creativity

Drama Focus: 

  • EDVP911 Drama Education, Curriculum and Assessment
  • EDVP912 The Teacher as Facili-Actor

Music Focus: 

  • EDVP921 Issues in Music Education
  • EDVP922 Philosophy of Music Education

Open Elective
One elective course from the general graduate offerings at NIE to be chosen in consultation with the Research Supervisor.

A 60,000 word research-on-practice based dissertation.

Admission Requirements
  1. You must hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree with good grades from an approved university which we judge to be of satisfactory standing, plus at least four years’ relevant experience in education or education-related fields.
  2. You may, in addition, be required to pass an approved English language test at a specified level and other prescribed tests.

You will be interviewed by the Academic Group that offers your selected specialisation courses, and may be required to have gained educational and work experience as a prerequisite to these courses.

Dates & Fees

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