Leading in Science Education, Research and Innovation to Transform Our Future
The Faculty of Science has provided quality science education for 90 years. Our success is grounded upon our excellent curriculum and driven by impactful research that has helped shape Singapore’s scientific landscape in education and research. This has contributed significantly to the University being recognised as one of the top universities in Asia and the world.

To be among the world’s best in Science education and research

To provide quality education, foster the spirit of enterprise and conduct leading edge research to advance knowledge in Science and Technology for the benefit of Singapore and the global community

Graduate Programmes (Masters)
by Coursework

40/80 Modular Credit Programmes (available in both Full-Time and Part-Time option)

40 Modular Credit Programmes

84 Modular Credit Programme

Graduate Programmes (Graduate Certificates)

Department of Mathematics

Department of Pharmacy

Department of Statistics and Applied Probability

  • Graduate Certificate in Data Mining and Interpretation
  • Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance and Yield Optimisation

Food Science and Technology Programme

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Tel: +65 6516 7993 / +65 6516 8780