The Masters in Design for Smart Cities are a 2-year, postgraduate programmes, developed by globally renowned design school, Strate School of Design.

The Master Degrees will train Design Managers and Smart City experts. The multidisciplinary approach of combining design, humanities, technology and management, is taught through the model of Design Thinking and Design Doing, where students craft innovative mindsets based on design methodology and extensive hands-on practice.

Programme Structure


1st Semester (5 months)

Design Projects & Methodology (9 credits)

  • Design Workshop
  • Methodology Project
  • Long Design Project (Design Projects & Methodology)
  • Internet of Things Project

Design Culture 1 (6 credits)

  • Design Culture
  • Interaction Design Culture
  • Service Design Culture
  • Experience Design Culture
  • Big Data And Data Visualization

General Culture 1 (6 credits)

  • Introduction to Complexity
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Technological Culture (IT, AI, Robotics, Media)
  • Urban Planning
  • Transportation And Mobility
  • Marketing (General Culture 1)

Representation & Visualization 1 (9 credits)

  • Video and Story Boarding
  • 3D (Modelizing/Simulating)
  • Wireframe Design
  • Graphic Facilitation

2nd Semester (5 months)

Industry Sponsored Projects (7 credits)

  • Industry Sponsored Design Workshop
  • Short Industry Sponsored Design Project
  • Long Design Project (Industry Sponsored Projects)

Design Culture 2 (3 credits)

  • Design And Philosophy
  • Participation And Co-design
  • Design And Environment

General Culture 2 (6 credits)

  • Marketing (General Culture 2)
  • Ethnography
  • Professionalization 1
  • Communication 1
  • New Industry Technologies (3D Printing…)

Representation & Visualization 2 (9 credits)

  • 3D (Virtual reality/Augmented reality/Immersion)
  • Video (Special Effects)
  • Apps And Services (HTML5/Css)
  • Programming And Coding

Thesis 1 (5 credits)

  • Initial Question Building
  • Research And Bibliography
  • Writing Methodology


3rd Semester (3 months)

Thesis 2 (15 credits)

  • Writing
  • Problematization
  • Publishing And Editing

Inter-disciplinary Industry Sponsored Project (3 credits)

  • Inter-disciplinary Industry Sponsored Project

Humanities (2 credits)

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cognitive Sciences
  • Leadership

4th Semester (5 months)

Professionalization (2 credits)

  • Professionalization

Preparation of Oral Defence (2 credits)

  • Preparation of Oral Defence

Degree Project Follow-Up (26 credits)

  • Degree Project Follow-Up 

5th Semester (3 – 6 months)

Internship (10 credits)

Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s degree (Upper 2nd Class Honours degree or equivalent) in Design or Engineering or in Science; or candidates with other qualifications will be assessed based on individual merits:

  • Bachelor graduates in non-Design or Science fields (e.g. Management or Arts) can apply;
    • One academic satisfactory reference
  • Local Polytechnic diploma or advanced diploma holders with a minimum of 5 years of post-qualification relevant industrial experience can apply;
    • Three satisfactory references, of which one academic reference

Motivation and eligibility of applicants are measured through an interview with the Programme Director, where they will have to elaborate and illustrate their interest in joining the programme and how they connect to the disciplines related to Design and Smart Cities.

English Proficiency Requirements

  • TOEFL iBT – 88 overall;
  • IELTS 6.0 overall;
  • Pearson Test in English with a minimum score of 59 in all four skills; or
  • ‘O’ level equivalent

All admissions will be based on merit and is subject to the final approval of the Programme Director.

Dates & Fees

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Contact Details

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