As data-driven decision making is becoming essential for organisations of all sizes, a question that arises is whether managers should pursue a Data Science or Business Administration Postgraduate Degree. This Double Master’s Degree uniquely lets you combine both. The programme is designed for the needs of business leaders working with big data, and it is best suited to individuals working in technology-related fields who are ready to progress to more senior-level management positions.

As an IT professional, you need both business acumen and highly-specialised discipline skills to take your career into the future. This combined qualification will provide you the skills you need to meet demands of the industry and boost your IT career opportunities. You will develop specialist skills in business and data analytics so you can work with big data and combine data science with business management. You will gain valuable knowledge and business insights, and also develop greater self-awareness as you learn to reflect on your leader identity and leadership attributes.

With the combined Master of Business Administration and Master of Information Technology Degree programme, you will gain high-level business skills with your specialist Data Science Postgraduate Degree. You will expand your skills and knowledge base and set yourself apart in the IT industry.

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Contact Details

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